Is the famine over?

BWNews – 

Is Jerusalem once again the “House of Bread?” If it isn’t yet, it will be soon. City officials are encouraged by what could be a huge harvest. Food stores have slowly risen over the past year, and after this year’s barley harvest there should be ample abundance.

This will end years of famine. Many claim that God has listened to the prayers of Judah, and has forgiven our nation of its sins.  Still there are some that credit the steadfast leadership of city officials.

Boaz – Thanks be to God, our provider – our first fruits belong to our LORD

Opine – The famine should have never happened, and it could have ended long ago, if  our people would not be so boneheaded. How long will the bounty last before we screw it up again by accepting foreigners into our lands? We must prevent the Nations around us from entering our land and bringing their idols with them.

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