The Purpose of βιβλος-Way

What if the stories of the Bible were presented in a News Feed format? Would more people read it? Is it even possible to present the Bible in that way?

That thought started

The Book of Ruth is our first test of this format. Why Ruth? It is a great story, a short book of the Bible, and a perfect book to attempt this format with.

ruthwidenewsfeedPosts will occur on a regular basis and each post will advance the narrative of the Book of Ruth. The posts are not a “translation” of the Bible, but rather an attempt of communicating the Bible to an audience that may see the Bible as distant. I want to bring the reader into the stories, by bringing the stories into the daily lives of our readers.

That requires creative liberty to make the reader feel what is really happening in the story.

What’s next?

As we work on the Book of Ruth, we will develop and refine the platform – and then start with other books of the Bible. After Ruth is completed, we will begin at Genesis, at the beginning.

We affirm the inerrancy of the Bible. All 66 books are indeed the word of God, written by men under the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, inerrant in original manuscripts.
The Newsfeed Bible is not inerrant, but is based on the inerrant word of God. If you have any questions, or concerns related to the accurate portrayal of biblical events, contact me via the email below.